Rove, hm?

A depressing look at the mechanics of things inside the White House… I don’t know what to say or think about this for now, but the angry Rove described in that article sounds like someone who would have leaked info like what happened in the Wilson/Plame scandal. Rather sad.

Should I be so shocked

Should I be so shocked to see something as sensible as this in, no kidding, a Moby Tour Diary entry? ok, so some ne’er-do-wells in the bush administation might have broken a very serious law and revealed the name of an undercover cia operative as a way of getting revenge on the cia operative’s husband. […]

Finally Something Beyond Partisanism!

I’ve longed to find something in the American debate that isn’t ideologically crippled by being “Left” or “Right”… and while I don’t know how easily its demands could come about, I think that this article, The wages of luck, by Matthew Miller, is at least something that doesn’t try to be left or right, but […]

I am BLASTING Elliot Smith Right now

…because the people in the accursed Church across the parking lot are wailing in tongues, with the window wide open. Someone in that church is playing soft, New-Agey piano background music to this bizarre bedlam. Note the time: it’s 6:30pm on a Tuesday. These people do this crap en masse at any time of the […]