Computer Resurrection!

Yes, the computer is back to life! I am absolutely ecstatic.

It turns out the problem was not a Windows problem, not a virus problem, but rather a problem with my hard drive. It cost me W180,000 (which is about $200) to get it fixed, and now it’s running better than it ever has.

I spent most of today updating the Windows Installation on my PC, because I had to install an English version myself. I still need to get over to IBM to get my hands on the Thinkpad-specific software, and to get some discs back from one of my friends so that I can install some other important software that I use regularly, but basically my Thinkpad is back to life. I’ll be getting net access at home in a day or two, and after that I should be back to my abnormal self… except, working a lot harder at my writing.

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