Tibet Dream #1

On Monday Night I dreamed that was going on a trip to Tibet. I flew to Bangkok to buy a ticket there because, as everyone knows, the tickets in Bangkok are cheaper no matter where in Asia you are going.

When I arrived, however, they told me that I would have to go through southwestern Australia, as that route is the cheapest in the world for getting over to Tibet. I couldn’t understand how, and it was only after a lot of asking that they explained Tibet had been relocated to Antarctica. Apparently that was the only deal they could cut with China, so Tibet had once more become a free and independent nation… provided that its lands were located on Antarctica.

Of course, I didn’t have enough money for this kind of trip. But some kindly Tibetans who were hanging around the Bangkok ticket agency were kind enough to help me out and get me a ticket.

When I arrived in Antarctica/Tibet, I was surprised to find that it was full of Tibetans. They very kindly greeted me as I disembarked the plane, and gave me what they described as “traditional Tibetan clothing”… it was all hi-tech cold-weather outfitting stuff, Goretex and super-fleece and the like.

Then I woke up to find it was 4:00 am, and dammit, I couldn’t figure out why I’d woken up. (I almost never wake in the middle of the night.) By 4:30 I was asleep again, though… thank goodness.

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