Hadden On Film

UPDATE (4 April 2015): The video mentioned in the post lives on Flickr now. IT still has no audio: my first digital camera didn’t have a microphone, much to my regret. But anyway, here’s Hadden, a friend who I discovered not long ago passed away a while back:

I still miss him.

ORIGINAL POST: Okay, it’s a silent film, but you can actually see a lot of his personality in it. I’m actually amazed about how much of peoples’ personalities actually comes across

  • in a silent film, and
  • in a surprise situation, such as when they are being filmed and are told a moment or two into the process.

Maybe it’s not nice to film someone this way, but I mean, I can only capture 45 seconds at a time, and it’s not like they’re doing anything embarrassing. But, I won’t post them if someone asks me not to. Hadden won’t mind, I’m sure, so here’s a grainy little film of him I took of him at a little tea/sul shop in Iksan. You need Quicktime to view it…

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