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During the Chuseok holidays many of my friends went to visit people they know from as long ago as high school or elementary school. I got to thinking about an old friend I met in high school, who was my best friend at that time, and whose secret email address I have lost (because of that computer death that happened not long ago). His personal email address is secret because, well… because he’s a great DJ of the sort that plays, you know, that dreadful bass-heavy blippy techno music you hear at raves… He’s also a super little guy named Mike, though as a DJ he goes by DJ Deko-ze. He got profiled online here, which is a good intro to the guy. Here is a review of one of his shows. He has a radio show on a (web?)radio station on Friday nights (in Canada, which means Saturday morning sometime for me, I suppose… I just discovered it now so I shall try tune in to the next show). Unfortunately, the homepage for his (and his partner Wade’s) company, Plastic Puppet Motive, seems to have been lost to an online porno company, so you can’t likely find any samples or goodies online aside from profiles, reviews, bios, and show bookings. Ah well…

I wonder how Mike is doing. Perhaps I shall try call him some weeknight not too long from now…

2 thoughts on “DJ Deko-ze

  1. Deko-ze is a legend of a DJ… heard the guy play loads of time in Toronto. He’s such a nice guy aswell… easily the most friendly DJ i’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking to and listening spin.
    If you email him… tell him hello from the bearded student from England that loves his stuff and hears him at Film Lounge and Systems.

    Maybe Deko can convince you that the music is more than “dreadful bass-heavy blippy techno”… it’s more than that… much more…


  2. my first time at the zone and i walked into hear this sound that just lifed me right off the floor . the dj that brought me to that feeling was deko-ze, i have never experienced that feeling before in my life. right there i knew that i fell in love with the music and the hands of deko-ze’s. he not only brought me to my feet but to complete satisfaction it was like i not just only heard the music, it was rolling right across my intire body. i was in a completly nother world . deko-ze is the music , when he is at the tables he is not just playing the music , he is becoming one with the crowd and the music. he gives himself to us completely for the whole time that he is at the center of ower world.he never holds back he belives that in order for the crowed to get him and the music he must put himself into the music. all in all i guess you can say that if you want a dj that will give you every thing he has , deko-ze is the one you need to see

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