I’ve been blogged.

And not by who you think. I do have one friend who’s been blogging about me, but I’m not going to mention that because I’m shy about what she’s been blogging about… even though it’s very sweet and brings a smile to my face every time. And it’s less surprising for me because it’s in English.

But… today I found out that I’ve been blogged by someone I’ve never even met. In Korean.

It shouldn’t surprise me, of course. I’ve blogged people I never met, and I have even blogged in Korean. But still, it surprised me! I was looking through the references on my webpage’s referrals tracking system (actually, Extreme Tracking’s system, which I like better than the one provided by my server) and I found that I’d gotten a referral from a Korean-language page. Surprised, I followed the link to this page at gosol.net. It’s a blog, and the guy who runs it apparently somehow stumbled onto my page, found it interesting, followed some of the links and got to Dabang’s page. He says some nice things about my sax playing and encourages me to study Korean hard. I commented in Korean too…

I am pleased. But also a little bit shy. He links to my Korean blog, and my writing there is pretty atrocious!

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