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I’ve started posting on my Korean blog again. Maybe this will make me study a little harder? I want to improve, even if I don’t have a lot of people to practice with right now.

But the site needs a major overhaul… the style is very boring and has been the same for a long time. And I also need to finish getting my English site updated (blogrolling list, a recent commenters feature, and so on) before I embark on any big style update on the Korean page.

2 thoughts on “Korean Blog…

  1. hi gord… it’s me
    I must apologize for my long silence about your site.
    i’m suprised that your bakcgroud. it is so fantastic and so lovely site
    and you strated your korean blog. i believe that you will do well.

    and i’m really happy to know this site

  2. Thanks Kyu Jin! How are you? I hope you got my last email. It’s good to hear from you… I don’t know if I will do well on my Korean blog, but I hope that if people see mistakes, they will tell me the most important ones. And I think it will make me study.

    I’m a little blue these days… but that’s nothing new. I imagine you driving between Iksan and Kunsan sometimes at the time when you would probably do that… it’s around the same time I’m taking a taxi home from work and looking at the rice fields of Jung Hwa San Dong. Funny…

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