I added a poll to this site, down on the lower end of the right sidebar. Vote today!

And, I’ve just checked the results. I am flattered that someone actually voted for “all of Gord.” How sweet. Who was it? Wait, no don’t tell me. I may not want to know. Well, but maybe I do. Er…

This weekend is busy, but I think after this weekend I shall have to redecorate my Korean-language blog, as it’s been neglected enough. I never realized how much a change in style can affect one’s mood toward posting on one’s blog. Hm.

4 thoughts on “Poll

  1. Uh… oh, what the hell… thanks Adam. ;)

    I am pleased… the updated results show me running neck-and-neck with a net connection as the thing people want as a concession if denied liberty. That’s pretty, uh, nice.

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