Really Not My Week

Okay, so the worst of the cold has subsided. I’m still sweating a bit at night, but nothing like what I was before. So, what joy awakened me this morning at 5am?

The wisdom tooth I thought was doing fine, is apparently most unhappy where it is living. It’s started agitations on my lower jaw, and the gum is all swelled around it. And of course I have no ice. So now ice is freezing in my freezer. I’ll call a dentist I know in Iksan who can maybe recommend me to someone in Jeonju. I guess I simply need this tooth *out*. It’s gonna hurt, but I think it’s what I’ll simply need to do.

The sad thing is… it’s another weekend of bleaaaaaaaaah. When will I get a fun weekend? I must be working off some nasty minor karma. Ah well… I just hope the infection or whatever is causing this swelling isn’t too serious.

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