The Dentist Said…

… well, a lot of things that I didn’t quite understand, but the gist was, “Look, guy, I’m not going to just pull that tooth out today. You don’t have a health card yet, and that would be expensive and painful for you to do like that. So go buy these here pills and take them for a few days and see if the swelling goes down. If it still hurts in a few days, come back and see me and we’ll yank that tooth clean outta your skull. Okay?”

So, I’m assuming these are antibiotics. The three-days-run is maddening, but even just from one dose the pain and swelling are down. I still think it’d be a good idea to get the tooth (and maybe the other wisdom teeth) yanked sometime, but for now I am more than happy to wait, and use the time to get the health card that perhaps would reduce the cost of the anaesthetic and the painkillers for afterward, even if the procedure costs the same.

I saw a couple of movies this weekend, but I’ll write about those tomorrow.

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