Chinese Space

I just read an article over at Salon about the Chinese space program. Did you know that they finally launched a man into space? No kidding: they did it in the Gobi desert today!

Against a clear blue sky, China fired its first astronaut into orbit without any visible hitches Wednesday, becoming only the third nation capable of manned spaceflight. The government said the mission was going smoothly and its “taikonaut” radioed back: “I feel good.”

Now, I predict that this will bring about comparisons about the poor kid who never got a bicycle till he was 14, and rode it everywhere, right? Or, maybe the kid who wanted to play in school band but couldn’t afford a playable instrument till high school?

Well, that kid was me. I was the star of the local jazz band a few years later, because I worked like hell and made something out of, well, basically nothing. China might just do the same… I don’t expect it, but… you just never know.

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