I dreamed

I don’t often remember by dreams, but when I do usually they’re odd. My sister once commented that of course, I even dream science fiction stories. This isn’t one I would actually write into a story, so I’ll blog it.

I dreamed of my body strapped into a seat. The seat wasn’t connected to anything I could see, but knew I was in a craft, which was moving so quickly that it felt like I was perfectly still in it. My suit was comfortable, the room warm but not too much so. There was no music, only the whine of hidden machineries straining against nature to move the vessel to very quickly. My gear was on the other side of the room, and I was reading a book that was in my head, on a computer inside my brain, because there was no extra energy for the ship to waste carrying paper books.

I knew I was going somewhere very far, but that there would be a way to live where I was going, and that it was very peaceful and beautiful. The jump across space was coming, though, and when it came, the world fell apart. I could see and hear things from a million years ago, from the present, from the future… humans minds from all across history were like stars suddenly burning intense with feelings and thoughts and instincts, all bright as daylight in my head. It was difficult to find my own voice among the millions that had suddenly appeared. My brain ached terribly, my head felt as if it was being pushed through a hole the size of a microbolt; but then after a few moments, the jump was finished, and I was crossing space, quickly but slowing, toward a planet teeming with life…

… and I woke up.

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