By the way…

If you are wondering why I am not posting as much, I finally have things going nicely on my novel, and I am trying to write at least a substantial scene a day. In addition, band practices have kicked in, now at a rate of two or three a week (plus occasional shows), so I am becoming increasingly occupied.

I will try to keep on posting, but I am not sure I’ll get back to my original posting rate for a while. I’m also not sure I should try to… but of course I will continue posting here! Of course I will!!!

If you are curious, my story with Neil is now working a lot better because I have decided this novel needs to be written in the 1st person, with the character speaking directly (I did this, I did that) instead of in the 3rd person with a narrator describing things (he did this, he did that). Once I made the switch, I found that Neil’s reflections and thoughts, and his personality, were beginning to become much clearer. He also started to have a much more independent voice, saying and doing the kinds of things that he wants to do as a character instead of what I want him to do as the nice friendly author of the book. Which means there’s a much more intruiguing depth to the dark side of my novel’s main character, which is good.

Now I just hope I can imbue all of the other characters with as much depth and uniqueness as Neil. It will take work and more imagination than I have on some days, but who knows, I think I can do it in the end… so it’s worth a try!

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