Tracks and Tracks

Right, I’ve made a huge addition to the list of sample tracks up for all kinds of music and musicians that I’m usually going on about to my friends. You can see this massive list in the left sidebar on this page, if you scroll down a little bit. The tracks are not all necessarily representative, meaning for example, the Johnny Hartman duo isn’t the track I would choose to represent John Coltrane, but all of these tracks are songs I happened to have kicking around on my webspace, plus some kicking around on other bands’ webspaces. (Most of the Yo La Tengo and all of the Plastic People tracks are from their sites, not mine.) I’ll probably weed this out in a few weeks but for now, while all of this is on the site, you might as well check these tunes out. And if you like them, please feel free to go out and buy the corresponding albums.

Oh, and by the way, the first set of tracks is, yes indeed, all music involving me. In the Dabang Band tracks I play sax. In Apocrypha, on the other hand, I did multi-tasking on saxophones, percussion, and some vocal work (reading poems and singing). Apocrypha was a live-ambient group I started with singer Marie Vasquez, and DJs Keenan Gauthier and Phil Greer. We first put something together at the request of our DJ friend Mike Babb in Saskatoon in 1997. We went on to play at some of his rave events, and what I’ve included here is from a live show we did very very late one night in Saskatoon.

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