Now listen to Han Young Ae

I mentioned listening to some wonderful music on Saturday night. Well, it seems that the gods of the Internet have seen fit to deliver unto my my hard drive the full album Behind Time: A Memory Left in an Alley by Young Ae Han, a somewhat older Korean singer. While my younger friends will probably consider her dated, maybe even a kind of Korean easy listening, I think of her more as a Korean cross between Loreena McKennit, without the faux celticism, and Björk, without the psycho voice.

In any case, I liked her songs so much I thought I’d put one up for people to try… Track 3 of the Behind Time album. If you like it, please try get the whole album… at least, if it’s humanly possible. If not, contact me and I’ll tell you which string of garble to search in edonkey to get the album. And feel free to try navigate her website if you like.

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