Wow! Well, it seems like the ESL section of my website is more popular than I imagined. There are tons of teachers out there doing what we teachers do best… stealing goodies from other teachers, namely me. It makes me happy to see it going on.

Another teacher, in New Zealand, has sent me some more goodies and I’ve been too busy to look at them. These days I am working in a very different program, where minimal handouts are the best way to work… so I haven’t had a chance to add anything new. But it seems people are using what I have put out there, so I am happy.

If you are one of the teachers doing so, please drop me a note or comment on this website. I am curious how people found my site, and so on… and keep on using those handouts.

PS: If you have corrected any of the typos in my original docs, I wouldn’t mind you sending me a copy so I can replace my typo-ridden files with something better.

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