Pumpkin Carving

Well, I carved pumpkins tonight at the Jeonju pre-Halloween Jack O’Lantern carving party at the Deep-in. It was strange at first: I started to feel a little blue, because of memories about the last time I carved pumpkins. I was looking at happy people around me, and trying to be happy with them, chat with them. And I decided to just forget last year, and live in the present. I decided to carve the best damn pumpkins I could!

And I did! I personally carved two pumpkins: one was A Very Internet Pumpkin, which consisted of Western- and Korean-styled smiley icons (respectively :) and ^_^ on the pumpkin). Thai added a devil face to it. Into my other pumpkin I carved the message HAPPY HALLOWEEN in Korean Hangeul script. Except of course that this was hard to carve, and it ended up looking more like Heppi Hallowon… but, still, it was cute and kind of neat.

After that I talked with some people, and headed home. And here I am. Tomorrow evening I will practice with the band, so that means on Saturday I will need to get my costume in order, meaning I need to buy a hat, and some other strange accessories, and I will need to get my suit jacket back from Myoung Jae. Ah well. Maybe this Halloween will be more interesting and happier than last year?

Anyway, time to read a little and go to bed.

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