My posting these days…

My posting of late has been somewhat erratic. Friday Fives posted on Monday, nothing for a day or two at a time…


For one thing, I have been working on figuring out what the next format for this webpage will be. I need to get an update done as I am beginning to be rather tired of the current one. Not just the background, mind you, but the complete structure of the page. So a lot of the time I spend on eclexys now is spent working through that.

Secondly, I have been pretty busy otherwise. Trips on the weekend, working on songs, practicing saxophone and swimming (or otherwise exercising) daily as of this week, all promise to tie up my time. It’s fine, as I like to be busy, but it will mean that my posting frequency will slow down, and that when I do post I’m likelier to make it a short personal note rather than a long dissertation on all the interesting links I’ve found.

Thirdly, I am devoting more brain power (when I am thinking about ideas, rather than say music or personal things) to three other projects: my novel, which I am earnestly thinking over in preparation for my writing retreat in India this winter; the new webpage that I am hoping to launch in spring 2004; and The New Sophists’ Almanac, where my friend Marvin and I philosophize about a massive range of things.

Finally, I am trying to get my sleep schedule under control. My health has been shaky since I moved to Jeonju, and I suspect that (firstly, as Myoung Jae recently pointed out to me) eating more vegetables, as well as sleeping properly will help that immensely. If I can lecture my friends about the importance of hetting proper sleep, I should really follow my own advice.

So this means my posting will continue, but I’ll be posting slightly less, as well as slightly less often. If you’re not sure whether you’ll catch what’s up, you may wish to use an RSS aggregator. I think I will also install a mailing list function on MT so that people can sign up for notification when I update my page. But for now, an RSS aggregator like Awasu is the best way to keep track of whether I’ve updated.

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