What You Do Matters.

Hey America. I know you’re at war and all that, making the world safe for democracy America. I know you want to be in control of everything. But guys… this is a heads up. Not from someone who is out to do anything himself… I live far away and can’t speak enough Korean to say anything to most people around me.

But just you keep at it this way. You never know where this kind of thing will lead. (For those nations sick of the regime, I think this strategy is intriguing… and America, that is a heads up for you. So is this one.)

And this isn’t even a concerted effort, America. This is just the chaos of life. You’d better hope people will tolerate this kind of behaviour, and not keep it up much longer. If you do keep it up, I imagine eventually other countries will have to get together to stop you. You cannot stay at war with the rest of the world forever.

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