Global Icing?

This is kind of scary: Bill McGuire of the Guardian Unlimited reports that global warming could in fact trigger a new ice age. Or, rather, the resumption of the ice age that never really ended, for that ice age never actually let up. We’re in a warm period, an interglacial period, actually. And it might be we could trigger the resumption of an ice age.

Something to think about. The fact that we don’t know, but we’re affecting it, is scary. Because the way we affect things seems to accelerate everything.

Anyway, thanks to Rob from about pip for sharing the link. Brrrrrrrrrr.

2 thoughts on “Global Icing?

  1. It would allow us to engage in some serious archeological research along coastlines, especially the Bering Strait (it’d be interesting to see if we could find any remains from the early crossings).

    OK, sure, Canada’s gone, crushed beneath miles of ice. So’s lots of Europe and Russia.

    Millions, if not billions dead or displaced. The collapse of civilization. Blah blah blah.

    We’re talking SCIENCE!

    Why, the Black Sea might even drain again, which would allow us to research its flooding 10,000 years ago!

  2. Wait… I’ve got a better idea.

    If we just ***************************** then science can study the effects of ************************************ on ***************** ******************** **************** ************************ *************** ************************* ************************** ********************** ************************ ******** *************************** ************* ********* and of course the ********************* *************************** ************************************ **************** * ********************** *********************. But maybe Americans might not like that? Just those who are called right wing, though…

    But hey, we’re talking SCIENCE!!!!!!!!!


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