… And Updates…

As far as bloggish updating, I’ve cut a couple of troublesome modules from the page. The Amazon module, that displayed what I was reading, kept causing problems, so I removed it. Also, the “Currently Viewing” module started causing trouble, not just on my page but on the pages of others who are using it, so I removed that as well.

But weep not! I have added something as well: a Recent Comments dropdown menu. This is one of the minor additions I’ve been wanting to make before I depart for India. Among the major updates, there’s only one I hope to finish, and that one I shall undertake to accomplish tomorrow during the day. We’ll see if I manage to get the categories pages reorganized as I would like. If I manage it, I shall be rather proud of the accomplishment. But this week stands to be a busy one, with final exams and so on, so we’ll see how far I get.

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