Tiny Changes

Racing against time, I managed to do that major restructuring of my archiving system today. I figured out a little last night but the bulk of the work was achieved this morning, to the sounds of Bj&ourml;rk, Tori Amos (only briefly), David Bowie, Medeski, Martin & Wood, and some Tuvan throat-singing rock music I downloaded. (More on that soon.)

I am very pleased with myself, as the Departments are quite a lot more navigable now. There are several subdepartments for each department page, something that took a little thinking to get to work, but what was harder was getting the dropdown menus to function properly. I actually had to perform a few kludges, and I think after I finish writing my novel I shall rebuild the whole damned thing from the ground up, from the smallest piece.

But perhaps I should learn about php and flash when I get into that.

The one thing that flopped: I prepared a nice graphic with hotspots and alternate images switchovers for when the mouse activated it, but it totally flopped when I popped it up on the page. So until tomorrow, at the soonest, my menu will just be text ina dropdown menu. But a nice image menu is coming, believe me! A very handsome, to say the least.

Another thing I’ll try to add this weekend is a static “about” page. But once I finish with that, it’s to New Sophists’ Almanac that I shall have to turn my attentions. Marvin asked about the switch menus (the dropdown menus) and I think it’s a good idea to add them before I run off on holidays.

Finally, one last little nit to pick: in most of the department pages, maintenance of the formatting isn’t so important, but it would be nice to get it tidied up anyway. The excerpts of the poetry that are put onto the Department pages look atrocious because the formatting is stripped in excerpts. I need to fix that problem, one way or another. I think I know how, but anyway, we’ll see.

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