Charlie’s Publication

I forgot about this, and only remembered because I did a little search to find his email address online. My good friend Charlie in Cyprus was published: he beat me to it, basically, getting a contribution into a book about his favorite football club and the horror of its fate at the hands of moron greedmongers. There’s a page about the book he was published in here, but I’ll excerpt the bio below:

Charlie grew up in Wimbledon and followed Wimbledon FC from around 1980. He is a member of the WISA Committee. When he?s not talking far too much about football crises and the state of the game, he talks far too much about motoring, rugby, cycling and beer. He now lives in Cyprus and spends a great deal of time explaining that he now supports a non-league club and will not be going to Milton Keynes.

I’m proud of him for having written what he did; what I read of it was very impressive, even moving. More moving to me than any real football game, a comment I’m sure he’d probably hit me for writing. Anyway, it’s cool, this publication of his.

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