Here it is… the last day.

Actually, it isn’t. I have one more test to administer after today, to my Monday night class. But anyway, it’s today that will be the real test of my strength. I gotta sit through about 6 or 7 hours of examinations, meaning either conversations that make little sense, or rehearsed dialogues which are most often botched by more than fifty percent of the class. Not that I lack sympathy… it’s impossible to learn English in a room full of 40 people for 2 hours a week, definitely. But studying and practicing makes the dialogues possible! I know, I’ve seen D students practice and study very hard and pull off A-grade exams.

Anyway, the best answer to a test question yesterday:

Gord: So where did you go for your holidays?
Student: I go the Apeugenistun.
Student: A-peu-gen-i-stan.
Gord: Afghanistan?
Student: Yes-eu.
Gord: Ah. What did you do there?
Student: Guns and bombs is many. And BOOOOM! (hand motions) Ooooh. Ooooooooh.
Gord: So, how was your vacation?
Student: It were soooooooo greaaaaaaaat!
Student (with a sudden flinch of realization): Wait! No! It were sooooo TER-RI-BLE!
Student (deflated): Sorry.

What fun. Well, I’d best get my day started, the sooner to finish it off…

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