Jaime Escalante

I just read a very interesting article over at reason.com titled Reason: Stand and Deliver Revisited: The untold story behind the famous rise — and shameful fall — of Jaime Escalante, America’s master math teacher.

This courtesy of Brenda, a post at isomorphisms: representations of the identity. A blog which, by the way, absolutely rocks. Anyone who starts the bio on her about page with the following is gonna be interesting as hell:

My name is Brenda, and I study mathematics.

An unusual introduction, I know; there is other information, answers to more conventional questions, that could have served as my introduction. But it’s customary to place vital information in one’s opening paragraph.

You should definitely go see what she has to say about, well, just about anything. Great blog over there.

PS: Why is this filed under politica? Because education is definitely a political issue. I might be one of the disappointingly innumerate people that Brenda talks about on occasion, but even I know that education’s a political issue!

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  1. Excellent story on “Stand and Deliver.” Very interesting. Coincidentally, I just happened to have ordered “Stand and Deliver” about a week ago from amazon.fr. I ordered it because, not only is it an awesome film, but also because I’m going to use a scene from it in the classroom.

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