Really Really Dumbass Email

I’m working on a summary of the trip so far, but I’ve been pretty busy so I am gonna try finish that tomorrow, and maybe post some pics if there is time…

… but for now…

Well, now that I’ve been in India for a week, it’s begun: emails from students asking me to fix their grades, check again to see if they really deserved an F, etc. Most of them are quite pitiful, but two were understandable. One was an honest mistake by myself, where I failed a guy who went to military and with whom I’d made an agreement before he left (dumbass of me, I know). Another student simply wanted to know why she’d gotten a B+ specifically.

Those are understandable cases. But a lot of cases are NOT understandable. Here’s the most ridiculous case so far, below. For those of you who don’t have Korean installed on your computer, well, the string of garble is probably just as opaque to you as would be real Korean text. This is actually the text of my response, rather than just the original email, because I am thinking my response is fair, appropriate, and also funny. I can understand difficulty, but the email I got was ridiculous:

> ȸȭ ʹ ͼ ̴ϴ..
> F ޾Ҵ ذ Ȱ ׷ϴ..
>ٽ Ȯ ּ ڽϴ…

Dear Student,

Did you just write me an email asking why you got an F in English class?

Did you write that email using not even one word of English?

Happy New Year!
PS: By the way, there is no way for me to check your grade. I don’t even know who you are, because your name isn’t even anywhere in your email.

That’s not an unfair reply, is it? Well, is it?

2 thoughts on “Really Really Dumbass Email

  1. Ha Ha Ha, Gord~~~~~Gord Gord~~!! After lunch, I am implementing to read your writng in this webpage according to my will and plan that i made yesterday!! ^^
    these days i am being relly really lazy and i feel like it is not my brain and body ’cause it’s not moving what i intended, S H I T!! ^^

    poor your students! how could he forget his name in his email?? and he forgot to say why he thinks it’s not fair…
    and that was good one that you told him there isn’t not even one english from
    his email to his english professor…….oh poor him……

    gord, i am reading the 9th of the han river now. not bad huh???
    i will try to organize the story and my opinion until you come back to korea.^^
    this book helped me a lot to understand a modern korean histroy and politics with money!!^^

    i will drop by later too….i am looking forward to seeing your photos!!

  2. Heh. No, that wasn’t unfair. But it is funny. Thank god I never did anything that stupid, but I am remembering some of the things I said to my profs and cringing right now….

    Hope you’re enjoying India as much as I’m loving Canada!

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