Attn: Ritu

By the way, I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t “Blame It On The Rain” or “Girl You Know It’s True” (let alone “Girl You Know It’s True [N.Y. Subway Extended Mix]”), so I think that Milli Vanilli song was probably called “I’m Gonna Miss You.” Is that right? If not, you can job your memory by following the link on the band’s name above.

Hee. I’d forgotten that those lip-synchers had won Best New Artist in the Grammys. That’s insane. But then the Grammys suck so who cares?

One thought on “Attn: Ritu

  1. *l*

    You want *my* co-operation in sorting this out? Dream on…. ;)
    Besides, I don’t remember what that sounds like and I have no intention of checking out the site…
    Perhaps you could sing it….?


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