Hay Hey Sarah Hatter

Here’s a nice rant over on Sarah Hatter’s page about the word “hey”.

On occasion I’ve really disagreed with her, but it’s funny, I quite like her way of talking about the world around her, and she makes me laugh and think a little too. She’s cool.

And I’ll never forget the time that Sun Hwa and I once started discussing her blog all of a sudden in conversation; Sun Hwa brought Sarah’s writing up, and I knew of course who she was talking about. And Sun Hwa probably knew I knew, having seen Sarah on my blogroll. We talked about Sarah as if it was the most natural thing in the world to talk about this person whose personal musings we both read, even though we’ve never met her and neither of us knows her personally. Funny that a person can be famous in that way, huh? Anyway, her blog is worth checkng out, one of the more (stylistically) interesting personal-journal styled blogs out there, I think.

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