When I arrived home, it was wonderful to see my apartment so neat and tidy.

Then I brought home the package I’d gotten from my parents, and it got a little messy in the process of unpacking. And then my bags finally arrived this morning, and now the place is ridiculously untidy. But, ah, I have all my stuff now. It’s nice.

So am I going to tidy it now? Nope. I’m going to go see whether I can wrangle the deal that is being offered to Korean profs at the library — a very nice new phone for only W50,000, a phone way better than my annoying current one. We’ll see whether it’s possible or not. I kind of doubt it, as I’ll need to sign up under the sponsorship of a Korean — the company has a ridiculous policy like that, you see — but I’ll give it a shot. Anyway, I need to go out for a haircut and some food, so that’s that.

I have some musings to post about my return to Korea, but I’ll do it later. For now, off I go…

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