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What should America do with Saddam?

Put him in a cage and fatten him up so George Bush can eat him. 11%1
Promote him to the head of the secret suppression police in America. 0%0
Find out if he knows how to build rockets and if he does, house him in Werner von Braun’s old place. 11%1
Tickle him till he coughs blood. 22%2
Reinstate him in Iraq sometime in the next ten years so that there’ll be another Iraq war in a decade. Gotta think about economic concerns, y’know… 0%0
Leave him in the forest and make sure he doesn’t steal and bread to make a crumb trail back to Baghdad. 0%0
Trade him for Rapunzel’s firstborn baby and send a message to the world of the faerie terrorist underground. 22%2
Get him very very stoned on Angel Dust, release him in Central Park, and then make a Reality-TV show based on his struggle to survive New York City. 11%1
Drown him in milk curds, Kurds, get it? Punishment fit the crime, all that? Har har. Har. Uh… 0%0
NOT execute him. NOT that, because that’s a frighteningly bad idea. Really bad idea. 22%2
9 votes total

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