Okay, then…

So the day’s been kind of busy, even though I’m not really teaching much today. I woke to a text-message from a very nice friend who wished me luck on the first day of classes. After that, I rushed to school and started my first class, the thirty students of which only one showed up. The next class was populated by a bunch of good kids from the freshman class of law students I taught last term, which was a pleasant surprise.

After lunch, there was a very mixed-up test invigilation, in which nobody knew what the hell was going on, so it was very messy. And then, later, I taught a class in which the students were a little too reticent to speak, so I teased them relentlessly. Anyway, classes will be finished in an hour, and then I’ll grab some dinner, hurry to the recording studio (I’m recording a track on the CD that Dae Gui is making) and then it’s back to the practice room to run through stuff with the band. This weekend Dabang Band head to the studio in Seoul this weekend, to begin work on our second CD. Busy busy!

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