Sadly Exactly What’s Happening…

Found this on Adam’s A violently executed blog.

What’s sad is it’s exactly what is happening in America, not just with Bush but so many of his partymates. You know, when a barfight at my favorite bar broke out last week I stood at the door hollering, “Get out of here, you fucking animals. You uncivilized animals! Out! Out! Get the fuck out!” I did it until they stopped fighting and someone hauled one of the drunken assholes out into the street.

I wish I could stand at the door of America and yell it at the Republican party, in exactly the same tone.

4 thoughts on “Sadly Exactly What’s Happening…

  1. Brother, I’ll do it for free, but I don’t know where America’s front door is, nor when all the Republicans will stand around near it within earshot. *shrug*b

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