Wow, That Was Cool…

Well, it’s about 24 hours (Korean time) till my birthday officially starts, and what I did I do this evening? I had dinner with the guys in the band, and recorded a track for my friend Dae Gui’s CD. It’s quite pretty, really, and I hope he puts it online so that I too can share it on my site. It took some doing, about two and a half hours for a few little sax parts, but I was starting from scratch so that’s not so bad. And I think, once it’s mixed down, it should really come out nice. The first part of the tune was just soft accompaniment, and a tiny little solo section, and then this kind of rock-out solo that fades at the end of the song.

I actually managed to get a lot of what I wanted to play out in only a couple of takes per section, which is better than I did when we made our CD… that’s encouraging. I’m learning how to just relax in the studio, get my mind on something else (a pretty smile that lingers in my memory, say, or a beautiful sunset I saw in Dharamsala, or even just the moment I saw the north star over Delhi from the roof of Ritu’s house… then I take a few deep breaths, and just play exactly what I mean to play. And it’s a great feeling. Such a nice song, too.

One thing I can say happily is that, while in jazz I lag miles behind where I wish I could be, this rock music stuff is not so hard to me anymore… and Myoung said some comments to him about our performance Saturday included claims that I’d finally come into my own in the band, as a sax player, using the effects but also just the sax itself. While this surprises me, coming now as it does and considering I’ve been away from the sax for a couple of months with no practice, it’s nice and I’m not gonna question the blessing.

Eeek. Tomorrow, I only teach late (starting at 11:30), so I think I’ll chat a little with Charlie and read something and then go to sleep. But I am feeling sick so I won’t stay up toooooo late.

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