Hey, Look, a LAZY Dumbass! What a Surprise!

Oh, yeah, the morons are out in full force. The moron in question is not me, though, it’s the dipshit who posted a comment on an old post about gay marriage. Have a look at what Juan has to say… And his email, which may or may not work, was left there. Why not spew some vitriol at this moron, if you need to vent. He deserves it for publishing hate literature. And what’s more, he left a fake email address! Not only a moron and a bigot but also a fucking coward! Brilliant! The moral bravery of these people continually astounds me!

Yep, a dumbass too lazy to make his own web page decided to surf the net and find someone who’d posted something in favor of it, and then rebut it with… what? His opinion? His view that society will never accept something because it’s not in the Bible?

Wow, brilliant logic. I am stunned. Let me give up my ways, and go back to the Old Testament. What was I doing wearing non-natural fibers, going about willy nilly chancing defilement at the slightest touch of women who might happen to secretly be menstruating, not sacrificing goats and sheep to the vengeful and violent deity of a desert tribe. My goodness, I see the error in my ways!

How could I imagine that people would want to live by their own values, instead of the ones I propose for them? How was I ever happy being afforded the same freedoms I offered others? Who ever imagined that diversity in a society could be a good thing, or that one man’s poison is another’s tea?

No, the simple refrain resonates in my mind: ‘Cuz the Bible tells me sooooo… Fucking brilliant, Juan. Thank you for your intelligent commentary on how to fix society! More intolerance, more ignorance, more demanding others follow your standards, more hatred and disgust at difference! Why did I think of that?

Amen, amen, amen, and mercy me. May heaven save us from these idiots. I wonder if throwing them in the ocean would count as gene therapy for the species?

And now I’m going to present exactly what Juan needs to think about. I think it’s ridiculous that he appeals to the Bible (when it’s convenient for him) to prescribe morals for a society. For his life, sure, for the lives of adherents in his religion, maybe. But a society? We’re not all Christians, you moron. We don’t care what your morals dictate… not even other Christians are obliged to agree with your selective reading of scripture. As I posted earlier on this page, God hates shrimp, too, and it can be established from scripture.

The reason it’s wrong to force us to follow the dictates of your religion is because it’s wrong to force us to follow your religion. It’s wrong to insist on having a government based on some idiosyncratic reading of your religion. I can read the Bible to mean something radically different from you anyway—theologians do this often enough—and in any case not everyone in the society will accept the argument that it’s a fair basis for laws and social conventions.

But it’s not just that we deserve freedom from your cockeyed version of your religion. It’s that we all have a right to freedom in our actions, as equal members of the species. It’s not my business if you fuck your wife with a leather plug up your ass. It’s not my business if you like having sex with midgets, as long as they consent to it. It’s not my business whether you and your wife like to have sex with a gang of gigolos and hookers wrapped in cellophane and smeared with pink icing (beyond the question of the legality and morality of prostitution as a profession). It’s none of anyone’s goddamned business.

The problem is that you’re mixing up marriage in religion with marriage as a legal contract. Marriage can be both those things and your slavering, foaming-at-the-mouth ministers have, as dictators of a whatever fantasy-game-religion you sacrifice your freedoms to, to exclude whatever definitions they want from marriage. They can insist on interracial marriages only, they can insist on marriage only when ages differ less than a given maximum, or only marriages between virgins, or whatever. Within the confines of your religion, wacko or otherwise, the rules are up to you and I couldn’t care less what you choose.

But for a society, the rules have to be made without personal preference in mind, because, as we all know, humans have a profound potential for bigotry. That’s why pride is a sin, which you would know if you’re a good Christian. I’d say you’re quite obviously a bigot, using scripture to justify your prideful dictating of morality to others instead of worry about your own sins. But of course, introspection into one’s own sinful nature is disconcerting and it’s easier to join the bandwagon of bashing gays, the currently popular target.

Now, if you were a thinking person, this is what I’d suggest. Think about the fact society could, and in terms of world society, most certainly would, consider a lot of things basic to your life to be plain straightforwardly evil. Your consumption of resources, for one. The food that, statistically, probably makes up your diet, for another, and the way it is produced for a third point (considering the kind of wasteful agriculture used to produce a lot of the American diet).

And I think I might agree with them, actually, that those things are bad, unsavoury, disgusting. Hell, I find your convenient, pathetic, ignorant fake-religiosity rather disgusting—selectively appealing to scriptures you know less well than even I, using them to justify whatever trash your rightist politicians are urging you by demonstration to attack, your simpering claims about all of the world and your ridiculously smallminded worldview—but you know what? I’m not going to claim those things are evil. They look evil to me, they produce evil, and they’re disgusting—it’s always disgusting when someone turns their mind into a puddle of shit instead of thinking for themselves—but I will not call for legislation against you doing that to yourself. That’s because I value freedom, and I will never let a PC-crat, a theocrat, or any other dictator-in-waiting to decide the absolute truth for me and my society. I will never try to make it law that you must be less of a fucking moron, less of an ignorant dumbass. I can suggest that if you want to be a Christian, you should to as Jesus counseled and worry about your own sinfulness instead of criticizing your neighbours, but I will never try to legislate against your being a dumbass or a moron or a half-assed Christian or a pathetic loser. That’s your freedom!

As soon as you legislate that it’s okay to force people to follow a religion, you open the door to it being legislated that people follow a religion other than yours. Which means the Scientologists, should they win the religious popularity contest, could force your conversion. Understand that, moron? That’s why state religions and theocracies suck. Imagine having to live in a Scientologist state. That would give you a sense of how it is to live as a gay in an ostensibly free state which a pack of ridiculous apes are trying to turn into a theocracy.

Of course, if you read my original argument, you’d understand this point. But you didn’t. You just posted your filthy shit on my page.

Which means you will never change. Which is sad, but that also means you’re doomed. Good bye, Juan. Welcome to the trashpile of historical irrelevance.

And good riddance.

4 thoughts on “Hey, Look, a LAZY Dumbass! What a Surprise!

  1. I agree with Adam. Very well said!I’ve never seen anyone tell someone off so thoroughly before and with such a strong argument. Well done, and I agree with every last word you said.

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