Post-Lunch Reflections

I think certain people need to shut up and listen before they open their mouths. I recommend this to people in a new situation: keep your cards to your chest and shut up, because you can’t know how your actions will affect others.

I am glad that I have the sophomore law class that I have. They’re a cute bunch of good kids, they try in class, they were really responsive, and even the girl I mistook for a boy didn’t take offense. I mean, some of these girls are so skinny, with such boyish haircuts, that you just can’t tell. Anyway they were funny and nice and they even tried to sing Happy Birthday to me until I shushed them.

I still have my cold but it’s not so bad.

Myoung says Shawn’s a genius. Out of context, it’s funny.

I don’t like being around people who are so serious that I can make a good Santa-sex joke without worrying about how offended they are. Well, okay, I don’t honestly worry, but I feel as if I ought to be concerned. Ought to be, even though I’m not, really, because people who are suffering from a serious case of serious are of little or no interest to me. You wanna be serious, with no humor, with a whole pile of subjects off-limits? Write a book. In person, it’s boring.

People keep telling me that my Korean has improved since I went to India. I am doubtful, but maybe I am trying harder again, now that I’m back and hearing a language that, unlike Hindi, I can sort of grasp.

I have a WIRED magazine on my desk that needs to be read.

I forgot my toque and gloves and scarf at the PyeongHwa building and I need to go down there and get them on the way to my next class. What a pain in the arse. It snowed yesterday in Jeonju, which was really nice: it was thick, heavy, slowly-falling snow, and I rather enjoyed watching it fall. But the cold—and it is cold—is nasty and gross.

I have a bunch of pictures of my family on my desk. It’s nice. I’ll be seeing them soon. My sister’s become quite a good photographer. I wonder if she’ll see that I wrote that.

I’m going to start cycling to work. I may go on a cycling tour this winter with a friend of mine, and I need to be in shape for that, but also, it’ll just be good for my fitness in general. So… cycling is something I’ll start doing soon.

I’m gonna sell my cell phone tonight, which is cool. I have had it in my house for days now and not used it, and I need to cancel the account, and get the cals to the old number forwarded to the new number, I suppose. Maybe I’ll arrange to go in with Mike tomorrow sometime and get that all arranged.

Shawn’s wearing suits everyday. It’s kind of shocking. I’ll have to begin watching the skies at night to see if they’re going to come and replace me with a lookalike droid as well.

6 thoughts on “Post-Lunch Reflections

  1. Firstly, belated happy birthday wishes to you.
    Secondly, you just CAN’T talk about office stuff like that! Why, who, what happened, who, said and the what now? I don’t miss it, I really really don’t. I don’t! I just…want to know more.
    Last of all, I had a think about the friday five question and I just couldn’t come up five for me, just two. Mowgli from the Jungle Book (Disney version I’m afraid), and Tintin the boy reporter. I had a huge crush on both of those. It’s harder for a girl to find decent crushes in the world of fiction. Oh and I had a crush on George from Enid Blyton’s Famous Five series, but she was a girl. Well that doesn’t matter at all does it.

  2. Oh and by the way belated happy birthday to you as well… and though I know it’s at least in part your unoccupied state, it’s still nice to have a very avid reader (temporary or not) out there… heh.

  3. Oh but I am VERY occupied! You’ll see.
    Yes I do imagine though I will read your blog less frequently when I am back in Jeonju. Only a few days to go. Do you think I will catch the end of the snow?

  4. Perhaps! It was a major dump of snow, and it looked like Saskatchewan circa mid-February (though less cold, and actually way too hot on the bus). It was very cute, Myoung said he’d never seen anything like it and I was amused at how this was such a sight for him, and for me just, you know, something natural and normal and very run-of-the-mill. Ah, we took a picture at his request, at the rest stop. I’ll dig it out this week sometime.

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