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I am just going through some of what my writing class handed me in as writing samples. I gave them three choices: they could describe the snowfall that had happened that day, the classroom we were in, or me. Some of the stuff was really good, and at the same time, some of it was quite funny. I was amused by a couple of samples in particular:

“I think Gord’s charm is short hairs and [“chin beard”] and funny and blue eyes. Tomorrow is Gord’s birthday so his age is thirty-one. But Gord’s looks like twenty-nine. Gord’s cute guy when talk. His body looks like bear.”

“I hate classroom. Because I bored. But this classroom is different. That is why…”

“I think Gord must be have a logic thinking for some unnomal accidents in his life. He also has a sweat smile in his face…”

“I like winter. So, I also like snow. Snow was very fresh. So. My mind was very clearly. I feel fresh through snow.”

“I hope I will give it to Gord that ask me whatever want. After 1 hour this classroom will be clean.”

“Who will beat, Gord or Tyson?”

“Bad things about snow is people can slip over and that can hurt people (them) but I like them still. When it’s snowing, I feel like being younger.”

And many of these are the good samples, I should note! This should be a fun and interesting semester.

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