Back Afloat

Well, this site is back up. I’ve changed servers, and I’m working on a makeover for the site, but it turns out I am a lot busier than I thought I’d be.

So the total makeover will have to wait for a week or two, once I’ve created the dabang band holding page and gotten a fair bit of the rest of the dabang site ready for the launch (which will coincide with our 2nd album’s release).

Then I hope to make this site look exquisite. But for now, it’s a default style with a few mods and some hunks of code grabbed from my main page. Ah, and what’s worse, it’s only the very front page, for now. (I may get some of the archive pages up this evening between classes, as I wait for my late shift to begin.)

I have lots going on but I’m not gonna post about all that stuff… not for now, anyway.

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