All Quiet On The Web Front

It’s almost 11:00 am. Most days, at this time I’m either cycling to work, or I’m already there, sitting in the office diddling on my computer, or chatting with other teachers. But on Fridays, things are a little different: I teach from 2:30pm until 10pm, and so I find myself at home all morning, sometimes cooking, sometimes cleaning, sometimes just posting to my blog, writing, or reading.

It’s a strange time of the day: my friends overseas are almost all sleeping, and my friends in-country are mostly in class or at work. So my friends list on Trillian is empty, and my email traffic for the morning has already come in and no more will come until the afternoon or evening. It’s a kind of not-alone aloneness, this quietude on the Net.

So here I find myself, balancing my body on a physiotherapy ball, rocking my pelvis back and forth to help sort out the pain in my lower back, while cheapo techno streams though. I’d rather be listening to BBC News but I won’t change the web radio station until it’s time for me to finish tidying my flat up. I don’t expect any visitors which is a load off my back; I can get the place tidy, without getting it perfect, and that’s good enough for today. By about 1:30pm I’ll be on my bike, headed for the office, computer in tow because I’ll be there until 10pm tonight, but I’ll only be teaching 4 classes in that time.

I’m still thinking about a major restructuring project for eclexys, an experiment in how layout and page style affects our sense of continuity and narrative and unity of voice. But it’ll have to wait till the Dabang Band web page is up. Which has to wait till Seong Hwan registers the URL for the site. I don’t know why that’s taking so long. But anyway… maybe I’ll try get a student to help me with that today, between my 2:30 and my 4:30 class… the latter of which may be empty, because one of the theology students emailed me saying he was going on a department retreat (MT) and that all his classmates are in the same department as him. At least, I think he’s a theology student… who else would use a web nickname like “elohim“?

Anyway… that’s that. I’m off to tidy some more and make grilled cheese sandwiches. Mmmmm. Cheddar.

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