KTX Problems?

The new Korean KTX bullet train (which was launched on April 1st) seems to be having problems. A guy died of complications seemingly related to an epileptic seizure brought on while on the train—possibly, though nobody can say for sure—brought on by the fact his chair was facing the wrong direction, back towards where he’d come from. (Chairs in standard Korean trains alternate, forward and backward, and the human body apparently can’t handle as many G-forces going backwards, meaning the chair arrangement was, maybe, not such a good idea): as an article in the Korea Times claims,

Police are investigating whether the direction of Lee�s seat, which was opposite to the running direction of the high-speed train and could have caused dizziness, had anything to do with Lee�s sudden death. They are also examining whether the relatively low pressure inside the train compartment, which falls when the train passes through tunnels at high speed, had any negative affect on the patient�s brain.

I’m not too excited to try this train, not for now, and I have very little reason to take it, right now anyway, but I suppose eventually it’d be cool. A bullet train would be worth trying… once, finally, they’ve got the kinks sorted out.

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