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Discovered this fascinating blog out there… haven’t had time to dig as much as I’d like but I shall post this in part to remind myself to return to Overboard and see what fascinating things Andi has to say. Andi, you’re over in Gunsan? Have you read Pascal Boyer’s _Religion Explained_? I know, presumptuous title, but actually a good science book about religion, least for explaining its presence in relation to our evolutionary history. You can see more about that over in the discussion archives at a philosophy page a buddy and I run called New Sophists’ Almanac, and if you like, perhaps I could see to loaning you the book… I live in Jeonju, after all… not so far.

As for her thoughts on needing practice, if not religion, maybe we all need practice, but practice can be far from anything like religion, for sure. For me, writing poems and stories, doing my best at work, and being with people who matter to me are my life, and maybe that’s “practice” but it seems to me it’s just living honestly. Why one needs guidance at that seems difficult to figure out, for me anyway. Even though life can be difficult, I always found my relationships with other people and stubborn dedication to what I want to do the best things to carry me through the dark parts.

2 thoughts on “Great blog out there

  1. Hi Gord,

    Thanks for the…er, publicity and encouragement. Must be honest, after all.

    Like you, I haven’t had much time to dig around *your* blog yet, but I like what I see so far. I don’t go for scratch-mine-I’ll-scratch-your’s, so I mean that.

    Yep, here in Gunsan–as is Joel from About Joel. And practice is just doing what you do 100%. Call it practice, honest living, whatever. It doesn’t need a name if you’re actually doing it. Poetry, eh?…and I’d love to read Boyer. It’s been recommended to me before.


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