The Ajumma At Costco Rant

This is funny. I personally don’t get this annoyed when I go shopping, but over on Incestuous Amplification, Kevin asks a few questions ( of the ajumma (the older married woman) who peeks into his shopping cart. It’s such a familiar scene I can’t help but laugh.

Dear Ajumma in Costco,

What the fuck did you expect to see??Did you think my shopping cart would be filled with the heads of Iraqi children??Maybe a bakers dozen of double-ended dildos?

I realize that whitey with a shopping cart is a novel concept, but seriously…what the fuck is so interesting about what I’m buying??Is my pasty white skin really enough to justify you sticking your goddamn nosey head halfway into my cart??Are you so fascinated with the waygook saram that you’ll endure severe whiplash just to get a peek at his food selection?

And by the way I did comment on it on his site, but the variety of viewpoints in the comment tells you a lot about the variety of experiences foreigners have here in Korea. It’s worth reading through all of the comments, which incidentally form a partial who’s-who of English blogging in this country. So I won’t copy my comments to this post… you can find them yourselves.

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