So Quiet

Things have kept me busy. Which things?

  • It’s Jeonju International Film Festival Time. Meaning tons of great movies are showing, and this is my only chance this year to see them.
  • It’s mid-term, and I have a huge pile of writing assignments to mark… which is what I am doing this afternoon, till my 5pm movie.
  • I’m working on a long post for this website, a kind of survey of the sexual world of foreigners and Koreans, as in a kind of sociopolitical analysis of it, Franz Fanon-styled. Keep your eyes peeled for it, that’ll be my next major post here. But it may take a week or more to finish.
  • Having a broken finger puts a damper on things like writing in general.
  • The weekend has been Lime time.

I’d better get a move-on, my day is starting late already and I have so much to do.

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