Weird Exciting News

This is almost too unbelievable to be true.

I was at the hospital to get a new splint because the one I’d had on for two weeks had begun to smell a little. After a conversation or two in the waiting hallway with some ajummas and halmeonis and ajeoshis (listed in order of interest), I finally got in to see a different doctor than the one I’d seen two weeks ago. Well, when I did get in to see him I told him explicitly that I just wanted a new splint, and would return in a week for an X-Ray to see if perhaps I could do some recording work the following weekend.

He decided, though, that an X-Ray would be a good idea, and sent me off to get one. When I got to the X-Ray room, the techie recognized me and sent one of his pretty young interns bubbling off to fetch the lead skirt I always insist on being provided with when X-Rayed. (It doesn’t seem to be provided by default here, as it is in Western hospitals I’ve visited.)

In any case, when the doc and I were finally in the office, comparing my X-Ray of two weeks ago with the one from today, he shrugged and said he couldn’t find the fracture line anymore, and that it had most decidedly healed. He advised me to try bending my finger, and asked if it it hurt to do so. I pointed out that it hadn’t even really hurt when I’d broken the finger in the first place, but in any case it now only felt weird from the disuse of the muscles. There was no pain. So he and the nurse told me that I should go without the splint, go easy with the finger, and exercise it a bit after a period of rest.

They also told me that while recording at the studio this weekend would not be a good idea, it might be okay. I’m going to hedge my bets therefore on it being okay next weekend (the first weekend in May) and try to get some practice in before then. I’m not going to rush it, because the doc looked pretty dubious about me playing this weekend.

The doc also advised me to stop using alcohol to clean the wound on my leg, because it really really hurts. I told him that I thought it was a bad way to disinfect my wound, one that causes me to have a cussing session twice a day. Iodine, he advised me, would be far more salutary.

All in all, good news! But it does seem weird to me that the broken bone has (mostly) healed faster than the scrape on my knee. Hmmmmm.

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