Thank You, America.

Thank you, America, for being a bastion of freedom and goodness. Thank you, America, for we would not know what to do without you making the world safe for us. Thank you, America, for working to ensure the dignity of all human beings. Thank you, America, for your kindness and decency. Thank you, America, for believing in more than lip service to your God. Thank you, America, for fighting the good fight and not hitting below the belt. For all you have done, America, the world would like to thank you so very, very much.

The beginning of the aftermath.
Thanks, Ritu, I was living under a rock for a few days there.

And thanks to Charlie, who notified me at least that the Brit pics were fakes.

2 thoughts on “Thank You, America.

  1. Moments like this make me feel ashamed to call myself an American.

    When I first saw those pics and heard the report on CNN, I too was utterly disgusted by the sheer disrespect that those American soldiers had for the Iraqi prisoners. So they were prisoners, yes, but human nonetheless. No one should have to endure that sort of treatment. And people wonder why the Iraqis and Arab world despise the Americans so very much.

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