Another Project Done

Well, sort of. My part of it’s finished, anyway.

Dabang’s new CD, titled Product, is now fully recorded. The last recording was made at sometime around 10pm last night, the last track being Seong Hwan’s bass line on the song “바” (“Ba”). The effects have all been applied, the funny stuff is all in there (wait till you hear Seong Hwan on “Taxi” and my freaky, angry/growly singing on “Got No Time” which Min Gyu approved in one take, telling me I sounded like Homer Simpson—I hope he was kidding!).

Recording with these guys was great. The second time in the studio I was not peak form, though. It took me about as much time yesterday to record flute and soprano sax and voice tracks for 5 songs as it took to record tenor sax tracks for 7 songs on Wednesday. My much-desired flute track on Delerium simply didn’t happen—though hearing my recorded attempts I totally understand why—but all my other flute tracks sound relatively good, which is nice; there’s a flute track in “Green Leaves” which, if it survives the editing and mixing process, I’ll be quite proud of.

After recording, I hung out to support Seong Hwan for a while, and to make sure he got a recording of all the finalized tracks, and then, having spent a good 8 hours at the studio, I thanked all profusely and took off to visit Kim and Chai. We had a good visit at their place, feasting on some special samgyeopsal (fatty pork) and soju and beer, and then we looked through their wedding photos and talked until 3am.

I woke up today at a little before 9 am and I think what I’ll do is go to the Bandi & Luni’s Bookstore with Kim and Chai, and then make my way to the Seoul Express Bus Terminal; if I’m there around noon, I’ll meet up with Seong Hwan and travel back to Jeonju with him; otherwise, I’ll head back by myself. I’m going to try to get a pair of wrinkle-free pants while I’m at the Bus Station (there’s a little ajumma who sells great pants there) and see if any wrinkle-free shirts are available, too.

The plan for tonight is to come back to Jeonju and meet Lime at the Bus Terminal; we’ll go on to EMart from there, pick up some groceries, and then I’m gonna make her dinner. Not sure what yet, though I’m considering suggesting butter chicken and dal. Must remember to also go to OK Bakery if it is open.

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