I Hope America Isn’t As Stupid As The Right Wing Thinks

They really think everyone in America is that stupid.

No, the abuse of prisoners in Iraq is not in any way related to the fake campaign issue of gays that Bush is hoping distracts everyone at the polls. And dear America, if you vote on the issue of gays and not of how the current administration is running your nation down into the ground internationally, then you are as stupid as the Neocons (like the guy who wrote the original article Adam’s referring to) think you are.

Thanks for the alert, Adam. I didn’t know the contempt that the Neocon aristocracy feels for the populace was quite so deep as that. But now I do.

Repeat after me, America: “It does not follow.”

It does not follow that if the people who committed the crimes in Iraq were gay, that the left wing would have to shut up and leave George Bush alone. It would not entitle the Christian Right to deny gay civilians marriage rights. After all, it similarly does not follow that if the soldiers are heterosexual, heterosexuals ought to be denied marriage rights and that the Christian Right must shut up (or join in on criticising Bush).

It does not follow. The issues are completely disconnected. And furthermore, the whole suggestion is irrelevant, considering the fact that it is unknown and nobody has made any suggestion of the sexuality of the prisoners. One might as well imply they’re all born-again Christians and they proceed to the non-sequitur that born-agains should never hold office. Or that they’re all soldiers, so soldiers should be denied marriage rights. And at least we know they’re all soldiers. Making a ridiculous generalization based on a known common fact makes more sense than making a ridiculous generalization based on a speculation (which cannot and will not be verified or disproven). And seeing as we can all see the ridiculousness of denying all soldiers marriage rights based on a few sick soldiers, why would we deny political voice or marriage rights to all gays based on a few sick soldiers whom Rush Limbaugh tacitly suggests might be gay?

It does not follow. It does not follow. America, make that your mantra, your prayer and your motto. It does not follow.

It does not follow.

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