Gateway Drugs, and the Separation of Corp and State

For those of you who have been living under a rock, a quick explanation. A gateway drug is a drug which is known to lead to the use of “harder”, more damaging and addictive drugs. Gateway drugs are often seen as innocuous in and of themselves and it’s government flacks we need to tell us that they’re actually dangerous gateways to worse substances.

When it’s convenient, of course, for those governments.

They don’t get antsy about all gateway drugs, of course. Some are openly tolerated. Like coffee, for instance. No kidding. The stats are kind of surprising, really:

Girls and young women who drink coffee are significantly likelier than girls and young women who do not to be smokers (23.2 percent vs. 5.1 percent) and drink alcohol (69.8 percent vs. 29.5 percent). Young women who drink coffee began smoking and drinking at earlier ages.

Or there’s the flood of caffeine in children’s liquid intake in America. These things are okay, even if they get kids into cigarettes.

But, as Jacob Sullum points out in his sharp piece on, putting new flavours into cigarettes is, well, at least with pressure from lobbying groups, enough to ban the flavoring of cigarettes. Well, cigarettes with new flavours. Menthol’s okay, though.

Like, because.

Anyone who brings up “children” in legislation like that only betrays a dedication to the corporation that outweighs not only honesty and decency but even reason and reality. It’s just one more evidence that Corp and State need to be forcibly separated, permanently and irrevocably.

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