Old Poll, New Poll

The other day Shawn told me it was time for a new poll, so here I am, dutifully tabulating the rsults of the last one and wondering what the next one should be about.

The winner for most “craziest prediction” was, hands-down with 31% of the 13 votes cast, “Rush Limbaugh will finally just shut up and go away.” Unfortunately, that’s probably true. Runners up included, “Jazz music will enjoy such a revival during the next major war that it will be as popular is in 1950,” and “North and South Korea will reunite and find themselves so powerful that in the space of five years, they will conquer most of East Asia,” and finally, “George Bush will turn out to be some kind of Al Quaida operative,” each with 15% of the votes. To see the full results in detail, go here. I don’t think that last one is as unlikely as people think.

New poll should be up by the time you read this. Please vote!

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