The big leap.

Yes, I think I’m going to make that big leap today. Tonight, I mean. I should have done it today but I was too busy trying to be productive. I wasn’t.

But now, it’s dawning on me that I have enough other things to do that while I am doing those other things, I could be backing up the last few files that need backing up on my computer, and reinstalling Windows.

I mean, after all, the only way I can watch DVDs is by going into the task manager, opening DOS, quitting half of the useless processes that are running at any given time on my PC, and then closing explorer.exe. This is not a fun way to get ready to watch a DVD, and it only works about half the time as it is.

So I’m backing up everything, and starting again. Might as well. Won’t lose anything important.

Oooh, except that file I’ve been trying to download for weeks in Emule. Damn. Maybe tomorrow, then. Or Friday morning.

Gaaa. Here we go again.

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