Yeah, so the bank card that worked perfectly find in India, at several bank machines no less, is not working at all, in any machines, in Toronto. I have no idea why, since it worked in both Thailand and in India, and I’m told it works in Australia too (I think). And I’d wager it works in Canada and the USA, officially.

Anyway, I came to an Internet cafe which I know is staffed with Koreans, and when the English part of the Woori Bank webpage refused to load, I got some help finding the phone number of both the New York and the Seoul offices. I’m only posting this because I spent a whole two dollars on 30 minutes of internet time and I don’t want to waste it.

I’m puzzled at how the hell it is that my card worked fine in India, of all places, and it yet it’s not functioning in Toronto.

Okay, I am a peasant and a fool, perhaps. I came to Toronto with a mere $100 in my pocket, and I don’t have a credit card… Then again, I only had about $500 in my account, and I figured the conversion would be better in Canada than at the airport stands in Korea; and I figured that if my card worked in Delhi, it should work in Toronto. What a headache.

Ah well, I’m sure it’ll be okay. But for now, I have a BAD case of the runs, brought on by nerves. Why does crap like this have to happen to me?!? Especially after I was assured at the bank that the card would work in Canada. And it IS on the Maestro/Cirrus network, after all. Argh!

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